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Listen all day for cybersecurity interviews, tips & latest news. Hosted by Scott N. Schober, BVS, Inc. CEO,   cybersecurity expert and  author of top- selling cybersecurity books



"Scott Schober is an authoritative voice in our industry and he provides our listeners with a unique and invaluable perspective on cybercrime and cybersecurity." - Steve Morgan, Executive Producer at Cybercrime Radio


Detect-A-Pass Detect-A-Pass™ provides drivers with privacy and security alerts overtime their E-Z Pass vehicle tag is being polled.
BlueSleuth BlueSleuth™ Bluetooth skimmer locator detects and tracks hidden and illegal bluetooth card skimmers and other rogue bluetooth and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices.
PocketHound PocketHound™ is the most sensitive cell phone detector for its size. Winner of many awards.
Skim Scan Skim Scan instantly detects hidden skimmers in ATMs, gas pumps, kiosks, vending machines, smart meters and POS retail terminals.
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